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GWPMS Health Summits Proudly Presents

Inspire Summit 2021

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Navigating the Reshaping of Healthcare

As Wellness Practitioners and business owners, there are two truths we are faced with.

One - things have changed... we have entered a new era. Life and business as we knew it will never be the same.

Two - In order to survive and thrive in business we have to adjust our thinking and review our business model. Rewards are waiting, ready, for those who pivot and adapt.

The good news is, it's not all doom and gloom. While you may be looking to the future and see only darkness and despair, there are many others who have seen great opportunity. They've been able to reorganize their business, add a variety of 'safe' service options, and bring part of their business online to meet the needs of those who would prefer contactless consultations and treatments.

How on earth can a 'hands on' therapist provide contactless services you may ask?

By meeting your clients where they're at. By respecting their fears and apprehensions. By being creative and open to new ways to deliver value. By embracing new tools and technologies. By being willing to step out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and exploring uncharted waters.

It won't always be smooth sailing. You'll encounter challenges along the way. It will take work. You'll no doubt have to learn some new skills... but as they say, fortune favours the brave.

We have brought together 5 industry leaders to share their insights and experience... to provide clarity and guidance... so you are better equipped to plot a new course towards success in 2022 and beyond.

We also understand these are stressful times. That's why this year we decided to provide more than just a summit, more than a collection of business and marketing training. Self-care has always been important, but something that many of us (myself included) have neglected as we get so tied up in running our business.

So, this year we are bring you the Inspire Face-to-Face Summit. Yes, it's packed full of valuable legal and business rights to earn, and how to operate in the private sector, but we're also taking time out to look after ourselves and others with the future of medical injuries.

Throughout the health summit our presenters will be taking you through EXCITING future concepts for you to adopt.

Definitely an event not to be missed!



Sometimes you can be so caught up in the daily grind of running your business that you forget to take care of your greatest asset... YOU

The Inspire Health Summit will help you bring balance back to your life and business with guidance and reconnect you back to the Laws of Nature.


Life and business as we knew it have changed forever. We now have to look at innovative ways to not only reach our clients, but in many cases, we must adapt our services and marketing to the 'New Normal'.

Now more than ever, you don't have to think outside the box... you have to destroy the box!


With these new futuristic concepts for business structuring and using different global currencies, it's time to look to the future with positive belief. Choose a business and restructuring strategy that sits well with you. Try new things... put different tactics to work in your business... connect and reach out to our speakers.

Put the work in, but don't forget to balance things out with rest and meaningful YOU time. Take care of yourself.


  • how investing in your knowledge base will have a positive impact on your business.

  • how to find support and grow your business through collaborating with others

  • change how you do business and learn how the private sector enhances your earning capacity and keeping private from data harvesting.

  • how to thrive in business no matter how the economy is performing

  • Learn your legal rights to protect your business and your client's health records in the private sector

  • make Blockchain work for youexpand your business ideas.

  • how to stand out as a safe and trustworthy practitioner. Now more than ever your clients need to feel safe.

  • how we can build the wellness community back and survive a failing healthcare system.

Meet The Speakers


Lecturer, Author, Public Speaker and Natural Health Advocate


Naturopath, Author and Educator


Managing Director at Darqtec and Piptle, CoFounder of DCS.cash, CEO of Piiink

SIMONE SLEEP PhD, MSc, BBiomed.Sci., N.D

Naturopath, Biomedical Researcher, Author, Presenter, Health Advocate. Founder of Pathocell Diagnostics and Research


Inspirational & Leadership Speaker


It doesn't matter what type of wellness modality you practice or where you are in your business... there is always room to grow.

If you're ready to take on new concepts that are reshaping this world, your business needs to change but you're not sure how... you're in the right place! Learn what these changes mean from our 5 industry experts. Use their knowledge to open your eyes and see the opportunities available in a fast changing world.

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What Topics Are Covered?

Dotti Janssen Presents:

Do you know your awareness of your sovereignty and the power within?

Aaron T Cassar Presents:

Opportunities of smart contracts and how it’s used in healthcare businesses.

Mona Hecke Presents:

When politics and health collide

Daniel Roytas Presents:

What really makes us sick & how can we heal ourselves?

Simone Sleep Presents:

3 Key points about operating in the private sector

PLUS... Q and A panel board with special guest practitioner