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Introducing the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Series

This series is a compilation of selected presentation transcripts from the Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit. Learn from industry leaders and gain valuable takeways as they share their experience and insights in their own words.

Success Strategies for Wellness Professionals

Achieve Your Goals And Beat Your Money Blocks

  • Learn how to sell yourself and your services with confidence, set goals and achieve them and earn more money by beating your money blocks for good.

  • Confidently know what to say to describe what you do and get a steady stream of new clients in the door.

  • Clarify your vision for a successful Massage Therapy, Spa or Wellness practice is unique to you.

  • Learn powerful tips and tricks to rewrite your money story and increase abundance in your life.

Video & Online Marketing Strategies for Wellness Professionals

Unleash The Power Of Video! Stand Out, Get Seen & Grow

  • Learn how to quickly qualify clients and grow your business on autopilot with a Video Business card. Answer common questions in an engaging and entertaning way while freeing yourself to do what you do best.

  • Overcome the barriers holding you back from creating video and learn how to get started using nothing but your smartphone.

  • Follow the simple steps to get your business listed on the first page of Google - for free, and enjoy the flood of new clients you’ll attract.

  • Gain insights into the power of Facebook advertising and the different types of posts you should be using to ensure the best return for your advertising dollar.

Networking & Local Marketing Strategies for Wellness Professionals

How To Build Valuable Business Partnerships By Connecting With Your Community

  • Learn how to present yourself as the knowledgeable professional that you are, and invite clients to your practice, without sweaty palms or stumbling over your words.

  • Discover the secret of sharing your message in 12 seconds or less, get more new clients and more referrals.

  • Learn exactly what to take, how to set up, generate leads, and follow up to get new clients from your event.

  • Uncover the three steps to success in your spa or wellness business.

"In a world gone social media "crazy" with belief that you need to be seen and attracting clients on the internet to make it big, I found this book so refreshing. The practical and down to earth ideas about connecting and communicating with my local community and with "real" people provided me with invaluable information and solutions that I can use in my business and in my personal life too."

Karen Stevens

Soul Alignment, Life Upgrades & Transformation

“I enjoyed this book immensely! The Power Pitch was specific and detailed plus I gained a new perspective and knowledge on promoting my business locally. The section about Invite, Inform, Incent will be a game-changer.. Thank you to all of the presenters and their expertise and must-read for a wellness entrepreneur.”

Ann Bell

owner The Healing Haven Washingtonville, NY, USA

“Wow! Great content! So many tips and step by step instruction on how to make your presence known in online videos, Google listings, Facebook Ads and more. Not only did I see how I was doing things wrong but now I have the tools to make it better. Thank you Kevin Anson, Robert Gardner, Tim Cooper & Delight Iverson!”

Laura Krieger, Massage Therapist & Instructor

Heavenly Oasis Massage Therapy

“This is an amazing book; it really helped me in my practice. There are a lot of things I would never think to use. Great Ideas...”

Regina Montalvo, LMT

Knead A Massage

“By using a few of the strategies outlined in Success Strategies for Wellness Professionals I have already seen an increase of wealth in my massage business in as little as seven days! The contributors share great knowledge that can help any therapists succeed!”

Ms. Donna Kerfoot

Certified Wellness and Massage Practitioner, Canada

"Insightful and practical advice given by three professional contributors, who skilfully guide you through the challenges of running your own company and the fundamental pitfalls of your own business mindset. Broken down into easy to follow chapters, this book has helped me refocus on the most important aspects of my business; confidence building, returning clients and setting smart goals to grow and move forward."

Sarah Adler-Kohno

Whitefield Remedial Therapies, UK

(Formerly of MMT Tokyo, Japan)