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Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit

Get insights to grow your business and make a difference in people's lives. Order today and SAVE 75%

Are You Looking For a New Way to Grow Your Business?

Marketing is hard, but it's even harder when you're a wellness professional. You have to be everything for everyone and that's no easy feat!

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

With so many wellness professionals flooding the market with offers designed to entice clients to their door... how do you make sure people find you?

You need to make an impression!

You need to grab attention!

The Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit was designed to help you stay on top of the latest marketing strategies, best practices and emerging technologies in this rapidly changing industry.

We have handpicked twenty of our most popular presentations from our 2018, 2019, and 2020 summits. These presentations will help you stand out in this crowded industry by giving you expert advice on building your brand, creating a memorable online presence, and getting more clients.

Learn from our top speakers as they share their secrets for success through the "Best of the Summits" series.

Here's What Just Some Of Our Attendees Have To Say...


It doesn't matter what type of wellness modality you practice or where you are in your business... there is always room to grow.

If you're ready to take your business up a notch but you're not sure how... you're in the right place! Discover the proven strategies our selection of industry experts use to build highly visible and successful businesses.

Valued at $199. Order today and SAVE 75%

Be Inspired By These Respected Industry Leaders...


Best Selling Author, Grand Massage Poobah & Founder of BodyworkBiz.com


Best Selling Author and Business Success Coach


Founder of The Massage Therapist's Business School


Business Success and Freedom Coach


Heart-based leadership training at the Wellness Leadership Academy


Founder of Craniosacral Success Career Coaching


Author and founder of MichelleGrasek dot com the marketing and practice management website for acupuncturists


Instructor & Wellness Business Coach


Massage Business Methods Coaching & Pain Patterns and Solutions (PPS) Pain Management Bodywork Instructor


Business Coach for Massage & Wellness Professionals


Business Coach for Massage & Wellness Professionals



Continuing Education Instructor & Start-up Business Consultant


6 Figure Massage Mentor


Massage and Spa Business Mentor, Creator of The Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs and Thriving Therapist Mastermind


Digital Marketing Specialist, Wellness Business Consultant


Put an end to the trial and error. Stop blindly copying what your competition is doing. Get valuable insights into what’s really working, right now in YOUR industry.

Valued at $199. Order today and SAVE 75%

The Most Popular Presentations From Three Years Of Summits In One Package


60 Clients in 60 Days

In this presentation, you will learn a great strategy to get new clients trying your services. Fill your practice in weeks, not years! Thousands of massage therapists have used this proven step-by-step strategy to build their practices in a fraction of the time they thought was humanly possible.

This is perfect for you if you hate marketing, in fact, the less marketing background you have, the better you'll do. If you don't have a lot of money to invest but have some time on your hands and hate to be pushy or salesy and want to be authentic in your approach, you will love this strategy.

Join Eric with an open mind and get ready to start seeing new clients, fast.

The Three R’s of Increasing Your Income

There are three ways to make more money in your wellness business, learn what they are and how to increase your income in each area. Increasing your income in these three areas using Eric’s practical advice will make a BIG difference in your bottom line!



Effective marketing and sales techniques are a must to make any business a success but can often seem too complex or overwhelming to remember and implement.

Now's your chance to simplify the sales and marketing process by exploring 3 Key Steps for engaging your clients as well as your staff.

Not only will this easy process improve communication to create better relationships throughout your business but you'll also see a direct impact in the results and revenue you create.

Join bestselling author and Marketing Coach Felicia Brown of Spalutions to rev up your marketing, sales and profits in this energizing class.

Ignite - Moving from Burned-out to Shining Your Light

We've all been there at some point...stuck in a rut, spinning our wheels, trying everything we can to make money and push ourselves into success.

And yet, we are tired - beyond tired - EXHAUSTED - and just not feeling it anymore. Your passion is so far gone, you're not even sure what you're doing anymore, and it's all you can do to just get through the "must-dos" of the business day.

If this sounds frighteningly familiar, you'll want to join Felicia Brown for tips and strategies to re-energize your life and business. With renewed clarity and excitement, new clients and opportunities will be lining up to get some of your newfound sparkle!


The Real Reason Why Clients Object to Rebooking

Vicki from the Massage Therapist Business School has been a full-time Sports Massage Therapist in the UK for over 11years. She now works with passionate, people-focused therapists, providing them with clear roadmaps to set up their first clinic and then help them grow sustainable, profitable businesses without compromising patient care or hitting burnout! Rebooking clients is key to your success and the reasons they aren’t rebooking may not be what you think. This presentation will change your perspective and have you rebooking more clients quickly. Vicki’s 6 figure clinic was built while she was a single mum so the strategies she promotes are ALL focused on working smarter not harder!

How to Scale to 6 Figures and Beyond: The Clinic Mastery Framework

Hitting 6 figures, opening more clinics, hiring a team, or taking more time off - either way, you're ready to scale up your clinic and you're ready for Clinic Business Mastery.

I’m going to share with you the exact strategy I used to build our 6 figure clinic. The Clinic Business Mastery Framework is effective because it’s a COMPLETE roadmap to success.

And the cool bit?! It gives you immediate wins as well as long-term success.

And that is what makes this achievable for any therapist - get real cash in your bank first, then we can build from there.

So if you’re already working as a successful sole practitioner and wanting to fast track to 6 figures OR do have a clinic with a team but struggling to become profitable and get out of the day-to-day then THIS is the presentation for you!


Attending Local Events to Promote Your Business

As wellness professionals, we work in close contact with our clients every day. It can be intimidating for our clients to make that call and see a stranger about a health issue.

Getting out of the office and into the community is a great way to break down those barriers and build your business.

Learn how to find events in your area, what to bring with you and exactly how to promote your healing business to as many people as possible.

Face Your Fears and Do it Anyway!

Gael Wood shares her favorite tools, tips, and strategies for moving through fear and into action taking, the key to success! As an introvert and a VERY shy person, Gael has learned to manage fear, self-doubt, and procrastination (as an ongoing process) and she knows that if she can do it you can too! After this class you will be able to create your plan for getting unstuck and back into action, creating the business and life that you know is meant to be yours.


How to Create Websites that Captivate, Engage and Convert

Your website is often a potential client’s first impression of your business. Learn the most important information to include on your website that will show potential clients they are in the right place, build trust and rapport, and start getting more calls and bookings from your website.

Free Strategies Revealed to Dominate the Google Local Search Results

Let's face it, getting your business in front of your ideal market can be time-consuming and costly. How are you going to compete if you're struggling to make ends meet... let alone throw money into a marketing budget?

The answer is simple. Spend some time and set up a killer Google business listing. A fully optimized business listing will get you in front of your ideal prospects at the time they are most likely to spend... when they're looking for a solution to their problem.


Your Top Daily Tasks for Success

How to create magical and sustainable non-negotiable actions, also known as, “What do I do each day?”

Have you ever wondered what to do in your business when you’re not working with clients? I used to and I realize now I wasted sooooo much time by not being clear about what to do. Now you can discover the magic of establishing sustainable non-negotiable actions, so you achieve your desired results.


The Power Pitch: How to Share Your Message in 12 Seconds or Less

One of the biggest problems we find for wellness professionals is answering that dreaded question, "What do you do?"

What Andy and Marcus have found as they've helped thousands of wellness professionals through their programs at Wellness Leadership Academy is very few people are well equipped to answer that question... a problem that can harm your business and ultimately your confidence.

The great news is, help is at hand!... let Andy and Marcus show you how to create your POWER PITCH.


How to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Your Clients

Would you love to raise your rates, but you’re afraid you’ll drive your clients away? Maybe you’re making the classic mistakes most therapists make. Like increasing your fees by only a few dollars. Or raising them only for new clients.

In this eye-opening presentation, find out why these mistakes are so costly, not only for you but for your clients as well. Then you’ll discover the 6 simple steps that free you to raise your fees in a way that gets your clients cheering you on.


Marketing for Introverts

I'm all about building real relationships, creating trust, and genuinely interacting with your community. That's my kind of marketing, and I'm sure it's yours too.

You can master marketing, even if you are an introvert, learn more in this enlightening presentation with Michelle.


Keys to an Award-Winning Business and Media Exposure

In this presentation, I will give you keys to elevate your business to award-winning status with Media Exposure


The Power of the Invitation

This presentation is about the remarkable influence you can have on your business and schedule with a simple phone call and an invitation to your massage table. If you are looking to fill your schedule to its fullest capacity, this class is for you.


Home Page Must-Haves to Get More Clients From Your Website

No matter where they hear about you first, many people visit your WEBSITE before deciding whether to make a booking.

Yet so many practitioners find “my site never does anything for me” or “I get a lot of clicks but no-one books in”.

Wouldn’t it be great if your website could be like an "appointment machine” instead? Creating regular bookings by itself.

Well! James spent 14 years running a Digital Agency and built HUNDREDS of websites. He knows what it looks like when it's working right! And in this presentation, he reveals the BLUEPRINT for the ideal home page that will attract and connect with your ideal clients.


How to Hire Superstar Employees

Join Elicia Crook in this session and discover the BLUEPRINT for building a world-class massage team that LOVE what you do, re-books their Clients easily and help create a rocking business. What we cover in our session:

* How to write your job ad to attract the right talent

* How we successfully lead 21 team members over a 10 year period - moving away from having subcontractors and transitioning into an employment model.

* The strategies I used to hire 7 amazing staff in 2 months and book us all out to capacity

* Where to promote your job opportunities

* How to create accurate Staff Avatars

* How to create an amazing environment

I'll also share the exact steps I teach the therapists I work with to attract the RIGHT staff, onboard them as employees and create a rocking business.


Collaboration to Thrive

Many bodyworkers, especially massage therapists are solopreneurs, however in a business world where many mergers and acquisitions are occurring our profession needs to start collaborating and partnering with like-minded individuals in our profession. The competitive mindset in the massage therapy world is overwhelming. We need to help lift each other up and support one another for the greater good. When collaboration occurs it leads to creating a better community and financial stability.


Selling High End Packages and Programs to Boost Your Career Success and Earnings

In this presentation, you will learn how to structure your wellness packages and programs, the benefits of offering packages, and some examples of the types of clients who buy high-end packages and programs.

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Gael and I are so confident that you'll LOVE everything the "Best of the Summit" Series gives you that we're willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.

Here's how it works...

When you invest in the "Best of the Summit" series today you will get instant access to all of the video presentations.

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But don't take my word for it... or the raving reviews we've received on our private Facebook group and emails... why don't you see all the amazing goodies we have in store for you.

Just go ahead and order today, and check it out. Take 7 days. If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with the informative, lesson style presentations... if you don't increase your income... if you don't start to attract, retain and re-book more clients ... and if you don't agree that you have the potential to put this wealth of real world, time tested and proven advice to work and build the wellness business of your dreams... then simply email me at [email protected] with your reason why you feel the "Best of the Summits" Series isn't for you and I'll provide you with a rapid, no hassle, 100% refund.

All I ask is that you give it a fair go. Implement the easy to follow strategies. Remember, things won't change until you do. You must take action... I think you'll agree, that's a pretty solid offer...

So what are you waiting for? You've got absolutely nothing to lose. Get your Lifetime Access Pass today.

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What is the "Best of the Summit" series?

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Who is the "Best of the Summits" series for?

If you’re serious about making a difference for your business in 2020 (and beyond) and if you’re ready to stop wasting time and money on trial and error and learn skills that actually work, this is for you.

If you want to start working smarter, more efficiently and see better results – then yes, the Lifetime Access Pass is for you.

This is an amazing opportunity to be taught by recognized industry experts and leaders.

See this as an investment in yourself, and your business will thank you.

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